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Just 60 Percent of UK Companies using social media

Those in the marketing world could be forgiven for believing that each company in britain makes use of social media in some way. In this age where consumers want lively experiences, placing up your company a Facebook and Twitter page ought to be an early step?

Well, it turns out that portion of enterprises in the united kingdom aren’t currently making use of the potential advantages that media has to offer.

Company formation specialists Turnerlittle have analysed figures by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on societal networking usage among businesses in the UK. They found that 60 percent of companies are using a figure that falls to 57% for small businesses, media.

There are clear differences between companies and smaller ones, with 90% of those with over one thousand employees having a networking presence. In contrast, 51% of businesses do not include a link on their sites to their media pages.

A gap is when it comes to producing content. 80 percent of larger fish (over a million employees) utilizing blogging, compared to 39% of smaller businesses.

Getting left behind?

The study by Turnerlittle also shows that 20% of companies are not considering investing in social websites in 2018. That is despite the fact that the ONS figures show that businesses number one usage for media is to develop a business’ picture or to advertise its products.

The second reason was to obtain customer responses or respond to questions.

Both of these uses of websites align with the level of contact and support it appears customers are coming to expect with. Based on Turnerlittle, 77% of Twitter users said that they have increased feelings of positivity via a brand once it reacts to their tweets.

Social networking is also an important location for consumers to learn about brands and products, together with 39.

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