Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Social Media Marketing

What exactly does the Twitter increase that is character-limit imply for influencer marketing?

Twitter is currently in the process of rolling out a portion of the 140 character limitation that has defined it.

“We want every individual around the globe to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new: we are going to test a more limitation, 280 characters, in languages affected by cramming,” explained Twitter product director Aliza Rosen.

The issue of ‘cramming’ effects where it is likely to communicate information with the Twitterblog, al languages besides Chinese, Japanese and Korean:

What does this imply for influencers?

To get some expert opinion on also what, if any, impact it’s going to have on influencer marketing and why the change was introduced in by twitter, we talked to Gil Eyal. HYPR is a leading influencer advertising platform, which works with clients like Levi’s Pepsi and Calvin Klein.

Why not believe Twitter made the changes?

“While their founder now called it an “arbitrary” decision, Twitter’s claim to fame was a historical adoption of brief form posting with the purpose of making it easier for individuals to create content. The idea was that individuals are used to sending text messages that are restricted in characters, and will accommodate to a kind online. The aim was to question the idea that 1 percent of consumers create articles, 90 percent and 9% discuss absorb , by making it simple to create content that anybody would get it done.

“Over time, this obviously lost its allure. Social networks made it easy to share images and photos while crafting a character message was a lot more challenging.

“Shifting the limit to 280 personalities is an effort to alleviate that pressure while staying true to Twitter’s roots — brief form content that may also be readily absorbed. The simple truth is that this number is just as arbitrary and I do not believe the change is going to have a meaningful impact on the way that people use or don’t utilize Twitter, even though it can be a bit easier to compose certain messages”

What will the change mean to the manners influencers could operate?

“The days where Twitter was a destination for Influencer Marketing are pretty much over. A tiny percentage of influencers use it as their main stage (except in particular niches such as politics), and brands are no more hunting to “pay to get a tweet”.

“Twitter lost the faith of several influencers as it shut down Vine, its video platform, which for a brief period was a growing ground for many of the hottest influencers in the world. 280 personalities won’t provide much incentive for all those influencers to come back.”

What does this changehow brands will have the ability to communicate otherwise through Twitter?

“This change addresses the wrong matter. Brands aren’t really concerned with the period of the articles. Their criticism is that Twitter offers engagement that is lower than platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. Aside from making it a lot easier to fit their whole message into one tweet, brands won’t find much benefit from the change.”