Wednesday, July 24, 2024

WhatsApp set to start charging businesses

It was perhaps inevitable that after shelling out a monumental $ 19 billion in 2014 for it which Facebook would not keep WhatsApp free for forever.

The business has shown its plans to start charging companies to use a few of the tools which are currently free. The service that is billed will be contingent upon the on the business tools released.

The tools allow businesses receive messages and to send their customers upgrades. The business has stated that it is working on a business solution for those or larger companies with a global client base.

WhatsApp’s chief operating officer, told the Wall Street Journal:

“we would like to put a simple foundation set up to permit folks to message businesses and for them to find the answers they need. We do plan on charging companies in the future.”

Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying that he expects WhatsApp and Messenger, which collectively constitute a share of this platform distance, to begin earning money by 2022.

A different approach

It is intriguing to remember that WhatsApp’s monetisation approach is different from the one followed by its parent company.

Facebook’s intention to begin cashing in on its messaging solutions might be a response to the slowdown in revenue it has experienced in its core service offerings.

The company’s move in July to begin showing advertisements between user conversations in Messenger shows similarity to its approach with all the Instagram news feed.

Another factor is that WhatsApp is popularity in a region. As Fox Business accounts, the company produces $19.38 per user at the US but just $2.12 per Asia, in which India is WhatsApp largest global market.

It’s not clear if the fees will be earned or how much WhatsApp will control its own services to be used by businesses.