Thursday, April 25, 2024
Case Studies

Case study: Keyfleet utilise automation for conversion of data that is cold

KeyFleet has grown to become a renowned provider of vehicle-related solutions for clients ranging from members of the public through to big corporations.

Nevertheless, it is not our target audiences that differ.

The leasing side of our organization, whilst consultative, is price driven. Our B2B and B2C comms are.

We are tackling everything from service and maintenance scheduling to the groundwork of fleet usage policies, DVLA licence checks and funding

Our fleet management department, on the other hand, relies on the experience within our staff, as we’re tackling everything from maintenance and service scheduling to the preparation of DVLA license checks fleet utilization policies and funding.

Comms for our service consequently must highlight our commitment and our extensive knowledge to adding value.

Over the years our services have emerged and expanded alongside our reputation and client base, and quickly forward to 2017 we’re a team together with our eyes on additional expansion.

But it soon became evident that our legacy approach to marketing was holding us back.

The Function of email advertising

Email marketing is at the heart although we employ a number of approaches to speak to our clients.

This plug and play technology proved that it wasn’t geared up for operations of the scale, although in reality, we previously sent tens of thousands of emails weekly through MailChimp.

We kept issues and also the ticketing support system using a US call centre had become hugely frustrating despite our comms being completely legitimate.

We kept encountering issues along with the ticketing support system with a US call centre had become hugely frustrating

Something needed to change. But, we thought we had advertising automation set up. We did know that things could be different, and we didn’t want to jump from the frying pan and into the fire.

Exploring the martech scene

The first thing which invited us in our hunt was that the understanding that there were UK based alternatives, which appeared to offer more performance too.

Our research unfolded and we did, to marketing automation company Force24 when we learned we can change without incurring any expenses.

We were able to strip 60,000 mails from our lists

We’d 20 datasets to export from our system.

Adhering to a staggered data management process, our 200,000 contacts have been cleansed to could eliminate any addresses that were dead or unresponsive.

This exercise was more important as we were able to strip 60,000 mails from our lists significance we would then just cover what we need than we originally realised.

Where are we now?

We carry out simple, quick, controlled, segmented, applicable and cost-effective email marketing without the headache.

Our market automation company’s support and expertise may provide as we optimise our comms and attempt new things is incredibly helpful. We have only just built our initial client journey with triggers that tell us when is the time for instance.

From the very first send 86 qualified leads were created by us using a speed of this next-step email. The participation is unparalleled.

We’re now sending emails per week and we take on board guidance regarding everything in the subject line to the timings.

From the very first send we created 86 qualified leads

As a result we’ve attained more opens, phone calls, clicks and enquiries — statistics which a business wishes to witness.

Savvy automation — and compliance — was made easy. Nonetheless, this is only the start.

We have not even begun to look at landing pages or direct scoring yet. But we realised that Force24 is the marketing tool we’ll need to do these things. Because we have covered our broader demands in fact, we can shelve three other software solutions.

Because we’re ramping up our marketing plan so 17, we’ve also recruited a advertising apprentice. She has rapidly got to grips with automation because the technology has eliminated the ‘dark art’ of marketing that a lot people have been confounded by.

We’ve been using email advertising for more than a decade!