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Case Studies

Case study: Health Manufacturer Plenish’s PRO marketing campaign

When devising our advertising and marketing campaigns we ensure that initiatives genuinely are realistic to integrate in everyday life, while simultaneously aligning with the newest character and support our consumers.

A value of Plenish is being proactive while demonstrating our audience our class expertise and as a company we need to ensure that that this mantra is living and breathing.

In September, we launched a Campaign, encouraging customers perform on top of their game until the year ending and to finish 2016 strong.

This initiative exerts Plenish’s forward thinking values and motivates individuals to fulfil their life goals and live their own life for their full potential — to essentially become a ‘expert’ in all facets of their life whether it is in improving their nutrition, livelihood or fitness.

Some philosophical themes such as PRO Back To Business and being PRO Organicalong with the core objective will be to engage and inspire more consumers than previously, while integrating Plenish in their everyday routine.

How did it work?

The PRO Campaign tied into the launch of our newest dairy-free drink Water+. During our marketing initiative, we had the platform to convey our key messaging about a topic — especially within an engaging and interactive way around digestive wellness, which is not the topic.

When communicating key marketing campaign messages it is essential that there is consistency in speech

We teamed up with yoga pro Jessica Skye to make a bespoke yoga series movie featuring moves to proactively encourage health to bring the new and provide consumers content.

The feedback we received from consumers is that this is a really useful tool which they may gain from each day and something that they can share amongst their social networking.

The effort is communicated across all Plenish’s channels and the brand’s website has been redesigned to communicate associated core messaging.

Subscribed customers obtain a string of emails that are motivational, in addition to organic and aspirational focused blog articles that feature tips.

Social networking’s role

Social media is a vital component of any marketing effort and it provides another platform to achieve. For we published a Gif through Twitter which comprised a visual comprising flashing pictures of the distinct proactive mantras of Plenish.

The post included a link featuring an article introducing the campaign with a direct and personal message from myself.

As it enabled us to reach a demographic whilst ensuring we’re consistent in our messaging regarding the campaign 31, we featured this same Gif via our Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is regarded as a platform where consumers engage with pals, Instagram is an integral platform for customer engagement, each of which are ideal for manufacturers.

As both platforms don’t have the identical word count constraints as Twitter we could give further context behind the campaign up-front in addition to utilise the usage of hashtags through Instagram to drive key messages for example we utilized the hashtags #proactive #ambition #motivation #business and #finishstrong.

When conveying marketing campaign messages that are key it’s fundamental that there is consistency in speech.

A tailored approach

As part of the PRO Campaign, we maximised all of the communication stations of Plenish expecting to reach everybody who would like to take a proactive approach.

Our marketing campaign allowed us to tailor our strategy to ensure we can appeal to everybody. Everyone has an ambition and through our messaging and blog articles, we can ensure that target audiences benefited from the offering of the brand.

It is also possible to collaborate with key media partners that are aligned with your own brand. We partnered with titles like Emerald Street, Sheerluxe and Stylist Magazine as part of the September PRO Campaign and they’ve helped us reach our target market and convey Plenish’s key messages and brand ethos.

The PRO Campaign has helped Plenish build relations with customers and participate consumers.

We have already obtained a very positive response from customers who have integrated Plenish within their lives and have experienced a true advantage.