Sunday, December 3, 2023
Personalised Marketing

Pizza Hut Is Attempting to reach the younger generation in a crowded marketplace


‘Digital natives’ or millennials, have a unique set of behaviors and expectations when it comes with brands dining restaurants included. Brands have responded using a wealth of articles and experiences vying for the limited attention of millennial.

This is something we were very aware of at Pizza Hut Restaurants when we set about developing a brand new look for our new, both physically and digitally.

Pizza Hut Restaurants has been a firm favourite in the UK for over 40 years, but we have always been conscious of the necessity to keep up with trends that are changing.

It was this that led to a current reimaging of our menus and restaurants, giving a much more contemporary feel to them. Side by side with this revamp, has been a shift in our offering .


With this we turned into our electronic partner Amaze to digitise our newest brand leadership: Taste Freedom. The website was one of the look and feel, which consists of powerful food photography coupled with a tone of bold and voice neon colour of the very first executions.

The app also acts as the newest development in our move toward a ‘single customer view’

Aimed at the market, the website responds to the rising competition in the casual dining industry with the objective of boosting brand image and forcing earnings.

At the heart of our new electronic strategy responding and recognised what clients want in the brand. As such, we recognised the viewer doesn’t necessarily wish to get offers and rewards via a web site.

It was this that led us to develop one of the loyalty and reward programs of its type.

Constructed by Adactus and created and backed in its first phase, by Amaze when residing, the program makes it possible for customers to reserve tables and gather rewards.

Rewards include a selection of free meals, including pizza or free sides for a reward after three and six visits respectively. Money off vouchers and supplies like desserts are offered.

The app also acts as the latest development in our move toward a ‘single customer view’ — appearing at guest behaviour across electronic and CRM, because it is completely integrated with our CRM system.


This permits us to not just offer highly targeted offers, based on both customer tastes and location, but also helps us construct a really great understanding of our individual client’s expectations and needs, so that we may further build services and offers that will appeal directly to them.

Another element of the program design is its ability to deliver real-time feedback, which can further help shape our organization offering. Each time an individual visits with Pizza Hut Restaurants and utilizes the program, they are asked a couple of brief questions regarding their expertise .

These elements help to improve loyalty, but also customer expertise.

So far, results have been promising, with over 100,000 downloads since the national launching in May.

This has generated a great deal of extremely valuable opinions and client data that we are busy incorporating to further optimise loyalty as well as the client journey .

It’s a crowded and competitive market out there, but by always energising and optimising an offering to deliver unique and bespoke services, it’s feasible for brands to claim a share of their all important sector.