Sunday, June 13, 2021
Personalised Marketing

Customisation: Half of consumers are aware of Choices


Marketers can talk personalisation and customisation unless the consumer feels the advantage, although until they’re blue in the face, does it even matter?

Despite the wide variety of options and offers available to them, new research has shown that many UK customers (46%) simply aren’t aware they exist.

They survey, carried out by Radius Global Market Research at the united states and UK, also found consumers think that manufacturers do not always get customisation efforts – less than 30% of the time, in reality.

However, the question is, even if brands are missing the mark, what do consumers want?

Around 40% of consumers stated they feel that they’d prefer less to choose from, and there’s too many options on the market.

Loyalty programmes specifically were mentioned by the report for a fantastic way to optimise the new experience. It “topped all additional customisation methods” for interest and use from customers, according to the stats.

But perhaps it is a lack of awareness that’s causing the apathy amongst consumers as soon as it comes sto customisation. Those who do understand about it tend to get a good idea of how it can be beneficial, the report said, with nearly half saying it permits them to stay up to date with new news, having to spend time shopping (40 percent) and reducing waste (31%).

The poll shows customers are receptive to brand experience customisation efforts, said director at Radius Europe, Jeanette Vivier.

“But if entrepreneurs don’t do the assignments involved to provide and communicate highly relevant advantages to their particular audiences, they will probably not capitalise on the opportunity,” she added.