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Chatbots are excellent, but are they right for your brand?

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Chatbots are the new kids in the world at this time. Ever since Facebook declared its Messenger Platform bots seem to have been designated that the present ‘it’ technology.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared them the new programs, and the “next big thing.” What are these things that are about to revolutionise?

Chatbots are software-powered ” brokers’ that interact with users through text and voice . This isn’t a concept that is new. Robots have existed for years, and in various types–the SmarterChild of AIM?

But, chatbots are not the end-all be-all of electronic communication, and they are not going to make apps obsolete.

What they will do is ease a a lot more personal and interactive relationships between manufacturers and their clients by turning into a brand bot concierge.

How robots match to the digital world

Chatbots can live where we communicate, such as programs that are mobile and sites.

But, what makes them distinct from other digital mediums is that bots live within in customer messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, giving a tool for brands to meaningfully engage with customers.

And that is what has everyone abuzz right – that the opportunity presented its one billion users that are active and by Facebook Messenger.

It’s now easier than ever to have a presence. And it is here where company and manufacturers have the opportunity to offer a sort of experience to clients.

A good bot is a great brand concierge

A bot will work best when it is a complementary piece of the digital strategy of a brand that includes other stations. These digital denizens can get enter and lead users connecting them to information they need and helping them act on that info.

By way of instance, a conversation may start with a bot on a messaging platform, but will transition on a website or an app.

Your brand’s bot should provide an engaging, beautiful, and useful experience

Functioning like a resort’s concierge that provides friendly suggestions, answers questions and tips guests in the right direction, as time passes, chatbots will become smart enough to learn exactly what you would like or need, and usher you to receive it straight from the origin.

A fantastic example of a brand concierge that is helpful might be a hardware firm bot that is on call to answer inquiries regarding home improvement at all hours of the day.

It could ask users about the sort of job, then share related content from the website about tips or quick fixes .

The brand could offer up a product discount at the end of the conversation — loyalty and a bit extra to ensure a positive customer experience in a competitive sector.

In ArcTouch, we took this idea and built a proof of concept bot called ‘Stainley’. In this case, Stainley is your bot for a detergent business and is on call to answer consumers’ questions about stains.

The bot asks users about the kind of stain, then shares related content in the said detergent company’s website about how to treat that particular stain. At the end of the conversation, Stainley offers a product reduction up .

Ensuring your brand has a helpful bot

There are a vast variety of situations where experiences can be improved by bots. The problem, however, is that construction bots can be simple. So easy that the platforms have been populated by a digital gold rush together with robots that over-promise and under-deliver.

Because of this, the experience for most users has felt a lot like interacting with automatic telephone systems that were poorly designed.

While plenty of instruction is happening — an undeniably significant part of any new technology evolves — a few of the bot experiences inevitably leave users feeling less enthused about companies and their preferred brands.

So how do you build a bot and avoid a bad one? Your brand needs to think about its bot as it would experience that is digital or any program, setting the consumer and beginning with these queries:

  • What single problem should your bot fix or what apparent need should it fill?
  • How can your bot provide an effective, concierge-like support by sending users to existing apps, programs, or channels that you already supply?
  • What will the bot do this additional stations can’t or do not?

Answering these questions will put you before this game, but the essential thing to keep in mind is your brand’s bot must offer an engaging, beautiful, and useful experience.

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