Thursday, February 29, 2024
Customer Experience

Wilko Amazon and Land Rover top UK customer service index


Obtaining customer service is something of an art in today’s day and age; from replying complaints on Twitter in recording time to optimizing the balance between ‘the customer’ and keeping your staff happy.

But in strategising, marketers and brands must always look up to the best.

In this case, it’s apparently – just ranked the organisation wtih that the greatest rates of customer satisfaction in the united kingdom, according to a new index from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).

The hottest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI)- a measure of UK customer satisfaction -has run every six months since January 2008 and entails interviews with 10,000 UK customers.

This year, it records Wilko as second for client assistance , up from a place that is low this past year. Land Rover came in third, followed closely by Waitrose and M&S Food.

Getting it right first time’ must be a prerequisite for any organisation

Apple and John Lewis look in 8th and 9th place respectively, subsequently Nationwide and First Direct.

As a whole around the UK, the amount of consumer satisfaction has increased by 1.2 points compared to last year.

Additionally, manufacturers who resolve time to and customer issues score a UKCSI score. The average is 82.7 for manufacturers who mend things for clients directly away, but for those people who don’t, scores fall to under 60.


Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service said the findings reveal how powerful excellent customer support is.

“For example, the outcomes from food retail suggest positive correlation with the lowest line; three of those four food retail companies that achieved year on year sales growth in a competitive marketplace — Waitrose, Aldi and Lidl — have greater than sector average consumer satisfaction.

“Getting it right first time’ must be a prerequisite for any business enterprise. Customers expect to be dealt with competently and quickly soon as they ignored or start to feel let down, their hope is missing. It is important that companies take this insight on board if they are to continue the positive trend in addressing customer needs,” she added.