Thursday, February 29, 2024
Customer Experience

How to become a New ‘high-flier’

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The Wright Brothers made history by flying the world’s first successful aeroplane. What was considered a wonder now happens over 100,000 times a day. The UK aviation industry now generates #60bn earnings, also has its sights set on growth.

As an instance of this growth, Emirates, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic , all reported profit increases that were impressive this year. Virgin Atlantic was listed with the best customer support in the UK in the top 15 companies.

Virgin has cited its customer centric strategy . The approach Virgin uses is simple, yet effective: “brilliant basics” paired with “magical touches”.

What can brands learn from this strategy achieve the very same successes as other manufacturer high-fliers and to improve customer service?

Back to basics

Afterpolling 18,000 customers across nine countries, we discovered 81% just want their questions answered. Getting the fundamentals right is clearly an important element for success. Everything begins with rolling them out across the whole workforce and establishing clear standards for client operations.

Outlining expectations and ensuring employees is vital to providing a universal experience.

Coaching is essential — your teams will need to have the resources to meet customer expectations. This is particularly important if interacting across many channels.

Customer service agents have to be suitably trained to exploit that of those tools which help supply the best service and their potential. Achieving and exceeding client expectations may drive loyalty and customer retention, and so getting these mechanisms is a terrific starting point in offerings.

Taking it up a gear

Brands can include the extra touches which may differentiate them, once the fundamentals are set up.

Our research found two thirds of clients tell friends and family about experiences with brands. Success here means your clients haven’t been just pleased by you.

The key is harnessing the data and showing your workforce how to utilize this intelligence

Comprehend the customers they are dealing with to provide support and teams will need to believe. Dominos was even able to save the life of one customer after staff noticed he had broken his regular.

Personalised service is not an issue of life and death, but our research found that for 89% of people service makes them feel more positive.

What clients want

To finding the middle ground between the extras and the fundamentals, the key is understanding what your customers desire.

Client analytics can help provide management information so that they can understand customer data in a glance. In instances beyond resolving questions, an understanding of the history with the corporation of a customer can make the distinction between good and bad support.

Your teams can see exactly what a client is currently looking for by utilizing customer information. This implies they answer queries and can find the basics right, but also create opportunities for the special touches that drive loyalty.

One thing is key to this dynamic: transparency. Customers want to have good company, and are happy to share some of their information.

Brands that aren’t clear with how they use the confidence of the consumers threatens, while organisations work with their clients to provide better service will reap the benefits.

Final thoughts

Brands which have provide. This provides a competitive edge.

The key showing your workforce how to utilize this intelligence, is exploiting the information, and nurturing a culture that wants to do well by clients. Aligning this approach to your advertising offering will build trust from present and new customers, and will demonstrate the newest as a combined force.

From a startup to an enterprise business, this approach to service has been attempted and tested to turn you into a brand flier.