Thursday, February 29, 2024
Customer Experience

Consumers value improvements to existing Goods over new experiences

Many brands will be seeking to jump in 2018, to increasing the efficiency of their customer service through chatbots from wowing customers.

The thinking here is often by making a brand appear cutting edge to 31, that being a forerunner or early adopter of advanced technology can be a benefit.

A new survey, completed by digital agency Code Computerlove, has found that getting on board with fresh tendencies is often important than improving the services which are currently offered.

38 percent of those 1,000 consumers surveyed said that the thing they wanted most in 2018. Were improvements in the services that are electronic that they use. Only 17.7% said they were searching for something they’ve never experienced before from their digital experiences.

The picture gets more complicated once you factor in the percentage. While only 22% of respondents had (knowingly) struck a chatbot, 60% o those that had rated it as a positive experience.

“Only a fifth of those questioned had encountered a chatbot. This echoes similar reports which we’ve read through the year, despite this being a place that we know brands are investing in and adopting,” stated Louis Georgiou from Code Computerlove.

“This disconnect perhaps suggests that customers do not know they’re talking to chatbots or those already in the market are not being met. Only nine percent are considering more chatbot technology in the upcoming year.”

Additional experimentation

Similarly, while just 14% of respondents had really experienced VR, 78 percent of those that had rated it as a positive experience. However, only 15% of the overall respondents wanted brands to drive VR in the coming year.

Out of the very edge technologies that brands might be turning into in the next year (such as mobile payments) VR and AR “still possess the most economical way to go” according to Georgiou, who notes that while they have “have less adoption up to now, those utilizing such technologies were impressed with their experiences overall”.

“The AR marketplace isn’t mature yet and consumer appetite remains low,” Tony McBeth from Code Computerlove explained.

“It’s like when the iPhone initially came out, it was really exciting but developers did not know what to do with the newest technology. As a result there was a huge amount of experimentation, with both developers and manufacturers . This led to plenty of apps like the iPint, apps that made game apps and fart sounds – maybe not the useful or most advanced use of this App Store. However, it took this experimentation interval to mature the market and as this happened brands could really start to gain from the enhanced tools and create an engaging customer experience.”

Georgiou concludes:

“Our advice is to approach this work as additional experimentation, learn fast and learn from actual users to find if it’s the right solution for your customers — and, in fact if the solution is “no more” recognise this until large scale investment.”