This tool aims to Create Awareness of Advertising Signs


For marketers struggling to make sense of information and properly manage campaigns a new tool has established this week which its owners claim will simplify the project.

The Marketing Signals Framework will, asserts Origami Logic, allow for prioritisation and better business of the number of signals that marketing organisations need to comprehend in order to correctly handle both online and offline channels.

Such signals are described as the actions audiences participate in reaction to advertising actions — such as advertising clicks, video opinions, site visits and post shares, in addition to the thousands of metrics that advertising platforms create — like click through rates and time on site.

The 2015 Marketing Signs Framework defines each signal with a variety of attributes including channel, objective and sign type. The design allows marketers to quickly recognize the signals that matter based on the objective the way in which they want to quantify achievement and that they have for a campaign or advertising activity.

This implies that a marketer wanting to focus on engagement and efficacy would use the Marketing Signals Framework to find that they should concentrate on measuring cost per click and cost as their key signs.

“Marketing has become a complex, rapidly changing, noisy daily battle. Cutting through this sound and measuring the signals that matter is now a strategic priority,” said Opher Kahane, co-founder and CEO of Origami Logic. “We have printed the Marketing Signals Framework as the industry’s definitive map for quantifying signs across all offline and online marketing and advertising channels, for example screen, search, cellular, social, print, TV, and more.

“The Marketing Signals Framework gives entrepreneurs easy access to the very important signals to measure and empowers them to increase their own investments with confidence”

The Marketing Signs Framework will be upgraded to reflect market fluctuations. Marketing Signals’ Periodic Table is available here.

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