New technology uses facial expressions to Decode Character traits and emotion

New software from ‘artificial intelligence’ (AEI) company Human has the power to recognise and monitor human emotions and traits in real time.

The subliminal facial expressions of an individual are looked at by the tech, those twitches, indications and micro-gestures a individual isn’t conscious they’re making, but paint a detailed picture of their state.

The software seems to take a brave step from facial recognition towards detection that is characteristic, and would be the first of its kind. The company hopes that companies can us the software to minimise prejudice in decision making in a cost effective and time efficient way.

The technology will help companies to gain new levels of unbiased insight that can help them forecast opportunities, manage risks and make better decisions about hiring the right individual to understanding their audience.

We talked with CEO and Founder Yi Xu about the technology that was innovative and in which the company is currently heading next:

How willknowing how someone is feeling at a certain stage give a better insight into individual human behavioural traits and result in better, more educated decisions?

“We detect both emotions and characteristic traits in millisecond in real time, such as joy, anger, confidence, honesty and nervousness levels. We’ve observed emotion scores of somebody change from second to second, query to question, situation to situation, whilst a number of the traits scores associated with character displayed in a particular variety.

“With both precise emotion scores and traits dents at millisecond for an individual at different scenarios, we could profile the individual’s personality, thus predicting human behavior.”

The technology around picture analytics is continuing to progress, allowing such as brands to use machine learning to scan pictures posted on societal media to and determine what scenarios consumers tend to use their products. Would you see your technology having overlap with this kind of image analytics technology? How could this practice be added to by your tech?

“There’s been much improvement in the computer vision system learning distance over the last couple of years and we’re naturally making our small contribution to the progress from the industry day daily. We are focused on video analysis as opposed.

“Finally, we would like to provide another layer of intelligent data to our clients, thus permitting them to make more informed decisions.

“Using the energy of deeper-rooted technology that not only looks at just how someone is feeling at the point, but also at the kind of person they are, enables us much more insight into human behavioural behavioural traits that may be employed to advantage when making better, more informed decisions.”

Can you see your technologies as mostly customer-facing or for companies to use internally to assess their own performance or employee satisfaction?

“At the moment, we are a B2B tech company, helping our clients to better understand their customers, employees, competitors and even themselves better.

“Recognizing what makes somebody enthusiastic, nervous, untrue or interested for example, has to date been around the human subconscious biased view, which has always been a bet. Our software adds another layer of certainty to easy gut instinct with supporting data.”

How significant to do you believe this type of emotional and personality trait evaluation is going to be for businesses and brands in the near future?

“In our everyday encounter at professional and personal degree we (consciously or subconsciously) are always making our conclusions on other people through our very own’lens’ — our own biased view. We want to allow individuals to measure character and emotion clinically, however with prejudice, in practices.

“More importantly, my vision is to help humans understand themselves better — deep down, our true emotion and personalities.”

Human’s technology is able to utilize video footage and also tell as well as provide insights to specific personality traits. It is possible to take a look.

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