Thursday, April 25, 2024

Martech launches that are latest Center on personalisation and beacons


Marketing automation specialist Force24 has introduced two new features to its platform that it claims will allow more personalised communication with clients’ customers.

The provider releases four big updates annually with both newest features from the initial update of 2016 containing an SMS conclusion engine along with a programmatic integration feature.

The very first addition claims to mimic the responses of a human being, handling tens of thousands of parallel conversations whilst maintaining real life reaction times. The integration feature meanwhile enables marketing departments to synchronise paid hunt custom audiences into Google and Facebook. The attribute manages tens of thousands of records a minute, keeping a close eye on connections’ activities and eligibility. This, claims Force24, enables clients to make highly focused, data driven campaigns and tailor made spend to customers’ life stages and previous purchases instead of just targeting the masses with information.

Force24 managing director Adam Oldfield states that his firm focused on continual development of its marketing automation platform “to ensure entrepreneurs become more efficient, increasingly relevant and achieve a much better yield on their invest,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in-store product place provider Point Interior has established two new services to better empower retailers to set up and manage beacons at scale across hundreds or even thousands of individual store locations.

Based on IHL Group, over half of large retailers are planning to deploy beacons by the end of the season. Despite the desire for the technology retailers also must consider the way and manage their own beacon deployments. The service is built on the StoreMode system, which makes a representation of each retail store — departments capturing current product locations and services of Stage Inside.

It comprises two important features. The first, Beacon Planner, is a platform which allows merchants make sure coverage instore to plan beacon positioning locations remotely via store maps and create store employees beacon execution.

Beacon Activator meanwhile is a portable management tool that allows retailers to activate program, location and move beacons inside a shop through any iOS device.

“As shoppers increasingly demand online-like experiences in shops, beacons pose a massive opportunity for retailers to deliver the benefits of electronic to brick-and-mortar,” said Aaron Dane, retail expertise and innovation director at Point Inside. “By making it easy to handle and set up beacons, StoreLocation helps retailers connect with shoppers sifting via contextual and relevant messages.”