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Marketers and consumers have different ideas about what constitutes online marketing that is relevant, and the difference is growing based on Adobe Digital Insights.

The study, according to 300 marketers in Western Europe and information from over 1000 consumers, discovered that marketers are unaware the success of their campaigns.

In Germany for instance, 69 percent of marketers report while only 49 percent of customers agreed that they are delivering ads that are related.

In the united kingdom the picture is slightly more pessimistic. Just under half (49 percent) of entrepreneurs think their campaigns are relevant, while 33% customers think exactly the same.

Issues with cellular advertisements

Translating this to successful ad campaigns is proving challenging while smartphones have been the principal way that the web is accessed by users.

According to the report’s findings, mobile ad conclusion is of completion. 18% of viewers move on after an advertisement has lasted five seconds and 58 percent of the advertisements are watched to the finish.

Facebook came out on top, with 52% of consumers believing that the media giant does the best job when it comes to advertisements that were relevant.

Consumers also reported that humor ranked above benefits, costs or (interestingly) if they match their personal values.

The personalisation difficulty

Another aspect of these problems entrepreneurs confront in Europe is due to a conflict in the mind of consumers. While many desire more personalisation in regards to marketing, there are big concerns about delivery and privacy.

Fewer than a third of Europeans are sharing their information under a quarter, and with brands think that marketers respect their privacy.

In regards to consumers, this attitude seems to ease up. The research found that 35 percent of 18-34 year olds claim to be more happy to talk about their data.

Costs stacking up

The cost of advertising is rising, and this is placing pressure on advertising departments in terms of effectiveness and ROI.

There’s been a 13% cost increase for 19 percent and desktop for mobile with respect to search marketing.

There is a gap in the potency of some stations. Specifically, a 47 percent growth in spend on hunt has just lead to a increase in website visits. Social media, while effective for customers, is only really noticed by older consumers if they’re actively seeking to purchase information.

“The new digital reality is bringing to a massive transformation in which customer experience is now the newest of your business enterprise,” John Travis, Adobe’s EMEA vice-president of advertising, said.

You may read the report in full here.

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