How can you build your power on Google+?

From Amy@BubbleJobs

Although still considered by most as the ghost city of the social world, Google+ is fast picking up a loyal following and is becoming ever more popular by the day thanks to its clean layout, ease of usage and committed communities – in reality, if you take a closer look at Facebook and YouTube’s brand new redesigns, you’ll find more than a passing resemblance to Google+’s image-heavy look and style!

Now, it’s no secret that listen we’re among the few lovers of Google+.

We have already written about how successful Google+ could be for content marketing and a few weeks ago we spoke about how important Google Writer Rank is for any blogger but now we’ve decided to return to basics and discuss ways to boost your Circles count and construct your ability on the platform.

If it comes to Google+, just like building up your follower count on Twitter, there are certain things you have to do so as to become a recognized authority and contained in countless Circles — believe it or not, it doesn’t only happen by magic overnight!

online audience1. Create A Powerful Bio: No person is likely to want to add you to their own Circles should they have no idea who you are or what you’re about so be sure you’ve got all of your contact particulars filled in along with your bio is strong.

Be sure to list what you do, what you enjoy and your own employment and education in your bio and don’t forget to add keywords — you will never know, these keywords might be how a person ends up noticing you!

Do not be afraid to include links to your site on your bio page and do not forget to add links to your societal profiles so people can connect with you across Twitter and LinkedIn also.

Finally, in regards to your Google+ bio, adding links to your favourite pieces of work (both your own and others) is an excellent way to drive visitors to your site and will help to give possible links an insight in your likes and techniques.

2. Add Others For Your Circles: Much like Twitter, you need to reach out to others so as to get back something. Look for key influencers in your industry and add them to your Circles (it’s possible to set them together) and search for contacts you’ve already obtained on things like Twitter and LinkedIn and add them.

OK, so not all of them will add you back but a number of them will — and this really is the key. Don’t be afraid to add you need to speculate to accumulate!

3. Share, Share, Share: Users don’t just add people to their Google+ Circles for no reason — they add them since they understand them are interested in what they do — this is why it’s essential that you share content, both your own and other peoples’ as far as possible.

Share your own blog posts, videos and images and share other people that interest you from across the net — remember, you need to give before you can take! Don’t forget to bring description and a headline to each bit of content you share and if you want to begin a debate, don’t forget to end with a question!

4. Get Involved In Communities: Google+ Communities are a must for any Google+ person — they contain passionate individuals that have a true interest in a specific topic so are brilliant for media!

Get involved with the community; discuss content, comment on other posts, ask questions and answer other people — it might be a nuisance but it’s a great way to meet new people, find out about a business and, most importantly, boost your Circles count.

5. Leave Comments: Last but not least, don’t forget to comment on the things other folks in your Circles article in their timelines. If they aren’t really known by you it isn’t important leaving remarks will help increase your visibility which will help to increase your Circles count and to raise your profile.

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