Thursday, April 25, 2024

Flipboard launches Work for advertisers to Promoted Items that are new

After it announced this week the debut of a new instrument named Promoted Items marketers can look to distribute their content more broadly.

From the start of February Levi’s and NARS Cosmetics will become two of the first brands to distribute content on Flipboard via the brand new Promoted Items feed. Content — that may range in photographs, videos, products or articles — will be integrated into the Flipboard experience but will definitely be viewed as being advertised content.

“As brands continue to become content creators we want Flipboard to be an easy place to extend distribution of their stories, products, research papers, movies and photography,” saidChristine Cook, head of advertising ventures at Flipboard.

Extended reach

Even though some brands have articles in their brand magazines around Flipboard the new service allows them to talk about the best of the content more widely.

The tool allows advertisers to request users to take activities — such as after their magazine on Flipboard or signing up for newsletters. Additionally publishing partners may use the new functionality to enlarge the advertisements running in their websites to Flipboard too.

Promoted Items’ first phase enables brands to select an interest channel. These include Style, Tech, Sports, Business, News, Entertainment, Auto, Lifestyle, Design, Travel or Culinary and Food.