ECommerce giant Amazon tops consumer favourite retail manufacturer list


Only three eCommerce brands have featured in a list of 20 top brands at a recent customer engagement report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

The study have with manufacturers, but Amazon topped the list using one in four customers saying that it was their favorite while only three eCommerce names appeared on the listing.

1,000 consumers were asked to name their favourite retail brand and were provided an open and unprompted textbox to achieve that.

High street names M&S and John Lewis came next in line with 14% and 10% respectively. Favourites included Next, Debenhams, Primark and House of Fraser – with Apple.

Cross-channel significance

Besides Amazon, ASOS and eBay were two eCommerce retailers who featured on the list. The poll notes that the majority of these have experimented with experiences over the previous year, highlighting the importance of a strategy in regards to client involvement.

The research also discovered that many consumers fall into one of 3 kinds of brand loyalty, with 28% actively disloyal 40% being faithful and the loyalty of the consumers based on the circumstance.

In addition, 24% of those surveyed now get involved in loyalty schemes, with nearly half (46 percent) of respondents not in loyalty strategies, but would love to later on.

More than three-quarters (77%) of customers have been interested in joining a loyalty scheme after buying a product.

Tech enables all brands to perform the Exact Same

According to the research, Warren Jenson, president of Acxiom International and a former Amazon CFO said: “The results are clear — a great personalised, relevant experience we all have come to love and hope. Brands must understand Internet giants such as Amazon have been perfecting marketing because their doors opened. And they aren’t slowing down.

“Every day that the giants come into work to further enhance their algorithms and data collections and thereby boost their value and reputation with their clients. The excellent news is that the technology and know-how today exists that empowers all brands — small and big, physical and virtual — to perform exactly the exact same thing. Your clients will enjoy it,” he added.

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