Friday, July 1, 2022
Mobile Marketing

Top 5 SMS Safety Suggestions for protecting your customer Information

There are many reasons why your company should consider implementing SMS marketing into your overall marketing plan:

  • It’s budget-friendly – you can send messages out of 1.9p per message

  • It strikes the mark – around 97% of text messages are read within the initial four minutes

  • It gets your customers to behave – 19 percent of people will see a link in a SMS effort rather than only 4.2 percent for emails

  • It generates results – 30% of SMS campaigns receive response rates of 30%, as opposed to 4% for mails

  • It’s easy to streamline into your day

But, how secure is it?

How do you stress that your client data is in danger and implement SMS marketing, without the stress?

Cyber security is a risk for contemporary business. Your customer data is your organization, so safety levels should never be compromised.

We’ve assembled the best 5 safety tips that will assist you be certain that is the most secure one.

Watch out for the little green padlock

For some sites you see, you have probably noticed a tiny green padlock in the browser URL bar. This is a Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, and it generates an encrypted link between your server and your visitor’s browser.

By doing this, a connection is established and information can be transmitted just between your visitor ‘s browser and your web server, eliminating the possibility of a tampering with your message, eavesdropping or own data forgery.

Firms like Voodoo SMS are transmitting info, like phone numbers. That means that the degree is overriding, so by allowing SSL across every page, their clients have the reassurance that their data is in secure hands.

Best in class SSL certificates

Not to be confused with a SSL certification that is regular, the Extended Validation Certificate, or EVC, is the course of SSL. A fantastic SMS marketing supplier will guarantee it has the greatest possible level of protection, but it is well worth remembering that not every provider has to get an EVC in place. Ultimately, although it’s an investment, a choice, a confirmation for you regarding how seriously they take data security.

Cyber ‘seals of approval’

Find out if they’ve been given the Cyber Essentials certification when considering which SMS provider to select. This is a scheme in keeping cyber security standards, to assist companies.

Another way in which you’ll get a sense of the degree is if they have a IASME Security Standards certificates. These Both ensure that safety is in the forefront of the best practice policy of their company.

Regular testing

It is worth doing your research as to how regular their safety walls are tested by the SMS provider.

As it ensures that their cybersecurity includes and fully complies to PCI DSS standards at all 26, penetration testing is vital to a business.

Key Exchange and Cipher Strength

Key Exchange generates an algorithm in which protected data could be transmitted between two parties, and the Cipher Strength is the potency of the padlock that protects your details.

They’re supplying, when comparing which SMS provider to select, it’s worth knowing what amount of insurance, and this will depend on their Cipher Strength.

Some providers provide insurance rates of up to1.5billion; a good indicator that their level of security is large enough to assume that they will never have to expend that amount of money.