Sunday, December 3, 2023
Content Marketing

Marketing takeaways from the Trump and Leave campaigns


It is safe to state that Trump’s election triumph will probably have triggered all sorts of emotions, and I am imagining a substantial chunk of them is going to be negative.

However from a marketing standpoint there is much we could learn from the Trump campaign, as though many were ardently opposed to what he said, his ability to rile up people and make them feel something has proved to be very divisive.

Quite unsurprisingly, many people across social websites have drawn parallels to what happened in the US to Brexit.

In both situations an outsider who opposes the status quo, in Brexit’s case Nigel Farage, has managed to swoop in and claim success.

Talking tactics

Interestingly, both underdogs could succeed without the backing of the mainstream media. Both instead embraced a more grassroots approach, together with media.

In marketing this approach is often referred to as guerrilla advertising, where the material begins from the bottom up. Instead of starting a message the target is a very small minority in the expectation this will message will then disperse.

By choosing emotion over reason and by recognizing their audience, the two campaigns Could triumph

This is a key takeaway from the Leave and Trump campaign; equally understood the audience and despite the two speaking to a tiny minority to begin with, over time equally accumulated momentum and won.

Trump along with the Leave effort were both very effective in playing with the hopes and anxieties of the regular men and women. By riding the wave that is anti-establishment, both were able to seem to be a more real voice.

It sounds now we were all duped somewhat by the bumbling, chaotic and on occasion downright farcical Brexit pantomime that was played out before our eyes.

But looking back, could it have been a way to avert our eyes and really make them trust them more?

Evoking Awareness

As well as embracing unconventional marketing and advertising techniques, the two campaigns gained lots of their publicity, be it largely negative, completely free. Trump received quantities of publicity all over the world for his comments.

But it appears in being controversial he was able to stay relevant, whereas Hillary with her traditional views proved to be forgetful. Her glistening speeches, instead of educated that was appearing came across as disingenuous and false.

Not just that, while Trump was occupied offending everybody, he had been also stealing the limelight from Hillary’s campaign.

The exact same can be said for its Leave effort, although Boris and Farage were stirring up trouble, Corbyn and Cameron did not seem to be shouting as loudly.

What do we learn?

Whether you are delighted with the results or not, from a marketing perspective we should learn from their attempts.

By picking emotion above reason and by recognizing their audience, both campaigns could succeed with no bulk backing or the support of the mainstream media.