Sunday, May 26, 2024

5 reasons to not point

While e-commerce is thought to be changing the face of the sector, the reality is that the street has never been more important.

Point of sale (POS) advertising needs to be given precedent in the advertising mix.

Here are five reasons why you should be thinking about POS if you are.

1. POS functions

Research shows that 75% of buying decisions are made in-store.

We also know shoppers are going on buying assignments. Instead, they are surfing and affected by a number and persuading shoppers in the point of their buying decision.

The selection and number of goods available is vast and POS is essential to assist time pressed shoppers navigate stores effectively.

POS also promotes impulse spend to grow by positioning products as a bargain, available or as an exclusive item of the week. Well placed adjacent POS can also trigger impulse buys e.g. chocolates close to wine for gifting or herb mixes next to beef for recipe ideas.

POS is a very effective tool for new product launches to educate, inform, and that will help the merchandise stand out and entice shoppers to try out something new. Specifically, shoppers who may not be particularly faithful to a brand are captured by these promotions.

It’s worth bearing in mind that brand shoppers will typically find their brand on its usual shelfavoiding POS altogether.

2. POS is measurable

The effect POS has on the bottom line could be quantified and assessed to enable brands and retailers to increase their ROI.

For example, it might be that a new is allocating the POS spend all the grocers across, but increasing the spend with one grocer and lowering it elsewhere would sees a return that is larger.

POS experts can evaluate the performance of campaigns that are different and if it is not working, alter or accommodate the promotion. Retailers, meanwhile, can experiment with putting items and examine achievement and their cut-through. Use of information enables POS to drive sales for retailers and brands.

3. POS can divide the retail environment

POS campaigns intention to disrupt the shopper journey and may also assist retailers highlight product launches or to temporarily change their environments.

Elaborate but cost effective 3D displays can create theatre in shops: from archways to giant characters and vehicles.

Noise, light and motion may also be incorporated and in aisle activations to drive additional stand out. Creating encounters provides the online experience with a differentiating factor and provides shoppers with more reasons.

4. POS can build and strengthen brands

POS allows manufacturers to be represented in a cohesive, attractive and attractive way in the point at which the shopper can interact with the product.

Retailers and brands often invest in over the line campaigns and it is necessary that the advertising in-store provides a connection to remind shoppers of marketing or their brand at the point of purchase.

Displays give the chance to educate and help shoppers to pick the ideal product for them, even if the buying decision is much more complex. Clear, effective categorisation and messaging makes life simpler for the shopper and helps to build a relationship.

Brands can also drive affiliation with occasions to strengthen their positioning, as an even a stationery brand and the start of the school season or example, a chocolate manufacturer and Easter.

5. POS Enables retailers and brands to be reactive

POS is ideal for strategic answers that are quick to competitor activity, highlighting a particular product line pushing extra inventory or creating a buzz.

POS campaigns provide marketers with a more immediate tool to accommodate changing market forces.

POS can be in stores in a matter of days where required and with the ideal procedures in place to ensure retailers and brands can take advantage of last minute opportunities.

The capability to respond quickly also means as they arise, brands and retailers can benefit from external occasions.

This may be a ice cream promotion in response to the hottest day or chocolate to the coldest.

Basically POS makes it possible for retailers and brands to continue being applicable to shoppers for surviving in today’s competitive environment.